oil mesh

A Few of our Favorite Things

The Ohio State University is leading a project in developing a particular mesh material that cleans oil out of water. Materials to manufacture this mesh are so inexpensive that the team believes they can produce the meh at under $1 per square foot. Learn more.    Seattle teens have designed collapsible homes to comprise a movable village in hopes of sheltering …

DURA celebrates Earth Day!

TeamDURA brought in Earth Day with a bang at the New York City College of Technology! We had informational stations on recycled concrete, tire gardens, DURA prototype planters, as well as our taped out floorplan, and refreshments for attendees. It was wonderful to have cross club collaboration– thank you to NYCCT’s American Concrete Institute (ACI) club– and to interact with …

#9 disposable cup


Make your own cup of coffee- Instead of spending at a coffee shop and in turn going through at least one disposable cup a day, make your own coffee at home. If your morning routine doesn’t allow you to enjoy your coffee at home, take it to go in your favorite mug!

A Few of our Favorite Things

There are plans in motion for New York’s Highline to come to Miami as an Underline. The same company behind New York’s park has been asked to design a similar space underneath an above-ground railroad track in Florida. Learn more. Engineering students from George Mason University developed a fire extinguisher that puts out flames with sound waves as opposed to …

#8 thrift shops


Buy from thrift stores and second hand shops—Many of the things in second hand shops are perfectly functional and require little restoration. You’ll be supporting your local economy, recycling, and, in most cases, paying half-price. You can either google the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army, or you can locate your nearest thrift store at websites like http://www.thriftstorelistings.com/

#7 recycle bottles


Recycle your old bottles at your local supermarket— You’re charged extra money for the aluminum cans, and glass and plastic bottles you buy. Get the money back by recycling the containers at bottle dispensers. Track how much you would have made in recycling aluminum cans: http://www.alcoa.com/recycling/en/info_page/iphone.asp

A Few of our Favorite Things

  Similar to the Kleancook we featured in a previous blog post, this BiolIte Camp Stove is perfect for the modern day camper! Using easily accessible twigs, you can heat your food and use the heat energy to charge your devices! “Roughing it” made easy. Learn more.   It’s never too early to start dreaming about and planning for beach season! This …

#6 canteen


Use reusable water bottles—A metal canteen at your local pharmacy costs about $5, which will last much longer than a $1 Poland Spring. If you drink a bottle of water a day, you’ll break even after a regular workweek. The FDA also has more lax standards for bottled water than the EPA has for tap water. If good tap water …

A Few of our Favorite Things

Usually, Alkaine batteries can’t be recharged without leaking harmful chemicals and causing other health risks. However, with this Battery Wizard, they can be safely recharged! Learn more. This rocking chair converts the kinetic energy produced from rocking into electricity to charge devices! Learn more. The Mando Footloose bike: a foldable, chain-less urban bicycle that runs on human-generated electricity. The Footloose …

#5 cruise control


Use cruise control when driving—With cruise control, your vehicle could get up to 15% better mileage (http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/11/how_to_green_your_car.php)