DURAhome is adaptable in its fundamental design. Floor plans are open with design flexibility, so as to appeal to diverse populations and adapt to a wide range of needs. The home is adaptively designed with an open floor plan to allow for a greater range of flexibility for multiple configurations.
DURAhome is a modular, robust wood-frame structure developed as a straightforward solution detailed for simple fabrication methods and short erection times. Our urban vertical prototype challenges us to solve the problem limited to a vertical energy facade located on the south face of a typical 25 x 100 foot New York City lot. Intended to plug into the urban environment where the home is part of a multistory dwelling, the concept is designed to allow for stackable arrangements, adapting from standalone to four-unit high, double length configurations.
DURAhome will contain several pieces of adaptable furniture to be accessed when needed and put away and stored to maximize space. The bedroom serves the dual role of home office and the patio area doubles as an eating space with a cooking stove system that can easily be moved from the kitchen to the patio. With minimal changes, DURAhome can be retrofitted to meet Smart Home standards. This ADA compliant house allows for self-sufficiency; the solar power provides near-zero energy bills, and the superior interior comfort of the house combines to make an excellent home for any urbanite.