DURAhome represents the diversity of New York City, and City Tech, where a diverse team is working on design solutions to meet our environment’s needs. As diverse as the City of New York, the character of DURAhome is developed through elements of international living– interior and exterior areas which reveal open space, accommodate greenery and allow for flexibility and comfort. Thanks to our open floor plan, there are several adaptable spaces which can be used to accommodate a home office, a bedroom, a mechanical room, or a child’s play area, depending on the client’s needs.
The project was developed through a multi-pronged approach: a hybrid of passive and active systems that can adapt to various configurations. Superinsulation, strategic window opening sizes and locations, an exceptionally tight envelope, and a smart mechanical system that harvests waste heat, combine to optimize performance and maximize occupant comfort for net-zero, affordable living in a dense, diverse environment.