Heightened living densities and high consumption rates are often seen as factors inhibiting sustainable practices. DURAhome works with the changing course of urban living as opposed to against it, developing sustainable approaches for the future. As cities grow at exponential rates, DURA represents an urban solution.
Our home is geared to best accommodate young, urban families who are passionate about energy conservation and who believe that one’s home is an important factor in the richness and overall quality of one’s life. Our home was designed with light in mind. DURAhome has ample natural sunlight, reflective materials and exterior and interior wood finishes. If one is constantly surrounded by good energy flow and a pleasant environment, they can expect greater work productivity as well as flexibility to entertain friends and loved ones in their amiable home. The multifunctional qualities of a home are intrinsic to a compact modular space allowing the user to quickly and easily interface between private work areas and flexible living spaces. Furthermore, as space in an urban environment is limited, we have engineered a vertical solar array, in which solar panels are mounted on the side of a building, as opposed to on the roof, to allow stacking of up to four units of our home.