oil mesh

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oil mesh

The Ohio State University is leading a project in developing a particular mesh material that cleans oil out of water. Materials to manufacture this mesh are so inexpensive that the team believes they can produce the meh at under $1 per square foot. Learn more. 


impossible city

Seattle teens have designed collapsible homes to comprise a movable village in hopes of sheltering the city’s homeless. Working with nonprofit Sawhorse Revolution and a group of architects, this home will include solar powered features, as well as a community cooking station, composting latrines, and other solutions to problems like uneven ground, poor ventilation, and privacy. Learn more.


ge 3d printing

The US Federal Aviation Administration has cleared General Electric’s 3D printed part (the first ever) to fly in a commercial jet engine! Let’s see how long it will take until we start printing entire engines! Learn more.



The Babel Bike is said to be the world’s safest bike. It has a car seat system, equipped with a seat belt, as well as built in rear and front view lights, a loud horn, brake lights, hazard flashers, indicators, and rear view mirrors!


seed classroom

Pittsburg, PA has a SEEDclassroom– a self sustainable, modular classroom dedicated to hands-on education regarding sustainable building practices. The classroom consumes net-zero energy and net-zero water, and participates in mandatory indoor air quality and water quality tests.

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