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A Few of our Favorite Things

Are you a fan of multi-functionality? So are we– especially when it comes in compact presentation! The Lil Trucker contains 14 tools in less than a foot’s span, and it is said to be optimized to fit in theglove compartment of a car. Compact, versatile, and portable! Learn more. Google announces its plans to release its self automated cars onto the …

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All Around the World

The Garden Bridge, set to be built across the river Thames in London, has been planned to be finished by 2018, with construction starting in August of 2015. The bridge is planned to be free of charge, as a place to sit and enjoy a new pocket of greenery in the city. It will also host some transportation methods. Learn …


#OneNYC is a plan put forward by the city of New York, aiming at sustainability, resiliency, growth, and equity. This plan calls to include elected officials, New Yorkers, civic and business leaders, and city agencies. The plan was made to combat current and rising issues of a growing population, an evolving economy, and growing inequality. The city plans to work …

Reduce water use #13


Eliminate baths— Showers require half of the water that baths do, and they’re also more time efficient!


A Few of our Favorite Things

Greywater– a system that we are implementing our own design– is water that has been slightly used, such as the water that is left over after washing one’s hands/dishes, or taking a bath. Greywater can have several applications, such as using it for toilet water. ReFlow has a nozzle that attaches to sinks and bahtubs to collect greywater and store …

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All Around the World

MVRDV revealed plans to build a Seoul Skygarden, transforming an elevated highway into a public space. The project will include planting local plants, as well as implementing cafes, flower shops, libraries, street markets, and greenhouses. Learn more.


This article is a bit old, but it so beautifully captured what New York City could be that we felt we had to share. Kevin Short, a journalist from Huffington Post, imagined a “totally green” NYC and here’s what he came up with: Green roofs would cover every Manhattan rooftop City blocked courtyards would be surrounded by “food towers,” in …

#12 Eco-Friendly beauty products


Make your own beauty products—in making your own beauty products, you save on the packaging, you avoid using harsh chemicals, and you save a trip to the drug store. Finally, you can ensure that whatever products you use have not been tested on animals. Recipes:,

#11 grow your own food


Grow your own food— When investing in dirt and seeds, you save on spending at the supermarket or farmers market, and you also save money on the transit you’d require to get there. There are plenty of resources out there with tips and growing your own food: