A Few of our Favorite Things

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  1. Usually, Alkaine batteries can’t be recharged without leaking harmful chemicals and causing other health risks. However, with this Battery Wizard, they can be safely recharged! Learn more.
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    This rocking chair converts the kinetic energy produced from rocking into electricity to charge devices! Learn more.
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    The Mando Footloose bike: a foldable, chain-less urban bicycle that runs on human-generated electricity. The Footloose has an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that uses sensors to automatically change gears in response to terrain. Learn more.
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    The EnGo public charging station debuted in Webster University in Missouri in 2014. It is powered by both solar power as well as kinetic energy– there are kinetic tiles around the charging station that harvest energy from people walking over the tiles. While charging, the station provides wifi and educational messages on its information board. The station provides people with renewable power while teaching about sustainability. Neat! Learn more.
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    Remember smart meters? Here’s one that gives direct money estimates and shows clear relationships between energy use and cost. Learn more.

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