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A Few of our Favorite Things

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.51.03 AMThese noise pollution barriers seem to be in their prototyping stage, but nonetheless, it is an exciting project! The barriers will have solar panels on them as well as colorful hues to beautify roadsides in the Netherlands. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.09.27 AMPodplants is a modular vertical garden developed by Chris Wilkins. It is made of recycled plastic materials to ensure that the structure is lightweight and easily transportable, and the plants are arranged so that the bare roots hang inside the structure and water is circulated through the air into the root zone. Podplants is also optimized to use minimal water. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.13.25 AMContinuing with our love for cyclist safety in urban environments, another gadget that caught our eye was the Garmin Varia Radar. This device alerts cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind, and can warn vehicles of cyclists in front of them. Learn more.

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