Teamwork and collaboration are critical to mission achievement in any organization that has to respond quickly to changing circumstances. At New York City College of Technology, team Dura has successfully transformed the project and submitted 80% of DD set to DOE through their incredible hard work.
Some of the challenges that the team had started with their communications skills. The team is combined with students from different fields, skills, talents and interests. Having to do the right work to achieve one goal at same time was quite a challenge. Furthermore, all the students were meeting on different time schedule working on same/different fields of project. The team successfully overcame the challenge of having to communicate with each other on the progress and required work.
Moreover, the work load and enthusiasm toward the DD sets was incredibly great. The team was able get the administration’s permission to take over half of the learning center space to work together. Looking at the spirit and motivation, school opened the Voorhees building for the team on Jewish holiday weekend. Team Dura is looking to continuously work hard. Go Dura!

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